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This is the original Lew Portnoy web site that first appeared in 1997

The photographic images contained herein are my favorites from a 30-year Exploration of Seeing. I hope you are as excited to view them, as I am to present them.

These images are presented for your viewing enjoyment, and for evaluation by buyers of photographic services.
Information is available from:
Lew Portnoy   Phone: 314 - 567-5700..

While exploring these galleries please be patient, as each page may take some time to load. Much care has been taken to optimize these images for the Internet however, the purpose of this site is to showcase my photographs. Now.. kick-back, click on any camera ... and enjoy!

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For information, stock photography, and wall decour please contact SpectrA-Action.    Phone: 314 - 567-5700.

Prints of these photographs are reasonable priced and available from SpectrA-Action.     Phone: 314 - 567-5700.

All images are Copyrighted. Usage is welcomed and encouraged, but first you must contact SpectrA-Action for rates, rights and permission.

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